4 Practical Tips To Extend Your UPS battery life

A UPS or uninterruptible power supply is used as an emergency power supply once the main power supply fails. This UPS battery differs from the regular generator as this has a shorter battery life, which only runs in a few minutes. Though it’s quick, it’s already sufficient to start other power supply like generators or properly shut down other equipment. This type of power source is usually utilized for electrical equipment that may cause fatalities or severe problems once there is a power outage.  

Here are some tips on how to extend your UPS battery life.


This kind of battery should be kept in a cool and dry place. Its should not be placed on high-moisture areas and an open place like windows. You have to make sure that your UPS is set in a well-ventilated area and must be kept inches away from other devices. 

Correctly Replace The Battery.

It’s better not to store an extra battery for an extended period. A new battery is good for storage for 12 months at most; keeping it longer may affect its quality and decreased its life span. 

If you plan to store your battery, its better to keep it in an area with a lower temperature of around 50°F (10°C) to maintain its lifespan. Its also important to note that keeping your battery more than 18 – 30 months might affect its quality and worst, it may not even work anymore.


Most batteries in the market can be charged for 48 hours once it drained. Make sure that you don’t overcharge the battery to prevent any charging problems and shorten its life span. Its also important that you buy high quality batteries from a trusted brand to make sure that your equipment is in good hand, if you’re looking for one, you can check out the product from C&D technologies.

Use a Power-Saving Device.

Using a power-saving device may prolong the use of your ups battery life. Try to use LED lights; it gets less energy and lasts longer than other light bulbs. You may also use proper wiring to avoid resistance and load increase on your UPS battery. Equipment with less energy use can make the temperature controllable and increase its battery life.