4 Tips to Avoid Being Locked Out of the House

One of the most common cases that locksmiths Raleigh NC responds to is a home lockout. You may have also experienced this thing before. You’re in a hurry to get out of your house that the minute the door shuts, you remember you left the key in. But it does not have to be this way if you remember the following tips: 

Upgrade To a Keyless Door Knob

With a keyless doorknob, you need a key to lock the door; therefore, you won’t forget your keys.  Having two locks on the door is better than having only one, and the doorknob does not add to your home’s security than using a deadbolt plus a keyless doorknob. With this type of doorknob, you can protect your home from burglars, and you won’t have to be locked out. 

Leave a Key To a Trusted Neighbor Or a Nearby Family Member

Make a copy of your key and give one to your neighbor or family member. Never hide one in common areas like under the mat, above the door beam, under a pot, or anywhere near the door. Remember, it’s the job of burglars to break into homes, and they know the most common places where people hide spare keys. 

Use A Key Box Don’t Hide The Key Outside

A key box is a box where you hide your keys. This secure metal box is secured with a combination lock so you and other members of your family can open it to get the key. Hide your key box someplace outdoors instead of hiding the keys. To secure this key box, change the lock combination regularly.

Upgrade To a Smart Lock

A smart lock uses different ways to open. The most common smart locks have a keyhole and a touchpad combination lock. You can use the touchpad to open the lock, or you can use your key. And just like other combination locks, change the combination on the lock regularly. It must not be an obvious number or code like your birthday or anniversary. A random number would work just fine. 

Aside from these, having a complete presence of mind can save you time and a lot of money upgrading your system. Having the presence of mind also helps you evade intruders and dangerous situations as you enter your home.