Why Attending a Business Fair Is Helpful For Children

A business fair involves children ages 6-17 years old to become little entrepreneurs. They showcase their brand, develop a service or product, and sell it. This then serves as an excellent opportunity for young minds to learn entrepreneurship at an early age.

The Process of Business Fair

The first step on doing a business fair is for the students to get hired as employees. They do it by applying through the business fair website and launching the services or products they offer. Then, they are divided into groups with not more than four members each.

After meeting with their group, they now begin to plan with the marketing strategy. They start to compute the total cost along with the expected profit and take note of the materials needed during the fair.

Through this process, the students learn taking responsibility and accountability by doing their assigned task for the project. They also learn the value of hard work in achieving their goal in the fair.

Some Requirements for the Business Fair

Before one qualifies to join the business fair, he or she should be 6 to 17 years old on or before the date of the fair. Similar to Montessori School Jacksonville FL requirement, the groups must only compose of no more than four members each.

A vendor fee per participant, usually $20, should be paid on the registration day. Apart from that, the group is the one liable to bring their tents, tables, signages, and chairs to be used in the fair.

Why Attending a Business Fair Is Essential

Business fairs help the children to socialize with other kids. It helps them learn how to understand and communicate well with others. The process also helps the children to create their own decision and be creative in solving problems.

Apart from that, the fair also helps them see the fruit of hard work. They understand how business works: that when you are determined in your goal, you and the business will foster and grow.


Similar to other schools like Montessori School Jacksonville FL, the ultimate goal of the business fair is to provide opportunities relevant to the children’s growth. When provided with proper guidance and right activities, the children will develop the enthusiasm and passion in pursuing their goals. It is always best to grab this chance if you’re a parent.