What You Need to Know About Buying a New Acoustic Piano

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“Love Is Like Playing The Piano. First You Must Learn To Play By The Rules, Then You Must Forget The Rules And Play From Your Heart.” 

Ahh how wonderful it is to hear songs played from an acoustic piano, the gentle hammer to the strings as the keys are pressed, how harmonious and relaxing especially from if you’re hearing it from a good tuned one, and if you’re the one who’s playing. 

If you are in the search of that new piano then you’ve come to the right page, here are a few important things to consider for getting that new acoustic piano for you.

Test Out Those Pianos and Ask for Help

You have to understand that no one piano will fit everyone, what I mean is you’ll need to test out different pianos before buying one. Do not settle for the first piano you see, test it out, have a seat and feel the keys, do you like how its styled, and is the size appropriate for you? These are some factors you need to consider before deciding on buying, try at least five pianos and if you must – have a professional check it out.

Understand Room Acoustics

The piano’s sound is complemented by its space, an ideal place where you can put your newly bought piano would be a small carpeted room. Why a carpeted room, you ask? Simply because of the sometimes overbearing treble sound is balanced by absorbent and soft surroundings. Its important to be conscious of the piano’s character from its current location to where you envision it will be. 

Responsibility of Moving the Piano

Retailers and even the piano manufacturers where you may be buying your new acoustic piano can and will accommodate your moving needs, of course for an extra fee. If you’re buying the piano “old-new” from a private seller, then you will be needing the best movers Collierville TN. The guys at Titan Elite Moving and Packing have you covered, masters of their craft, professional, and reliable, they have the knowledge about not only moving but also packing your piano for transit.