Principal Reasons Why Your Drains May Become Blocked

Every house relies on proper and adequate drainage and pipes to ensure that the water drains away from the home properly without creating any problem or damage.

If there is an issue such as pipes are compromised or blocked drain at your place, this could end up with a high water loss in your home or garden that surely would be a very unpleasant thing!

Here are the most frequent problems that appear and cause problems with the drainage system and the solution to it to deal with them.

Placing inappropriate items down the sinks or toilets:

One of the most common mistakes that cause blockage is through putting the things down in the drain pipes such as fats and wipes. The facial, baby or cleaning wipes do not break down in the sewers like the toilet paper, and then it became the main reason for a blocked drain.

The best solution for this problem is that do not put anything down the toilet except the toilet paper of course!

Outdoor items getting into the drains:

Drains can also be blocked from external things such as stones, leaves, etc.

You can prevent the blockage by covering the drain pipes to stop the external objects being blown into the drains.

Tree Roots:

Tree roots can be underground and can cause significant damage to the pipes. Tree roots can crack or block the drainage pipe while entering them.

You cannot see what’s happening underground but you can always keep an eye on the trees growing on your property.

Main signs:

There are often some of the indicators of a blockage before it becomes a significant problem such as leakage in the garden or house. It may also include smell coming out of the sink or toilet or water not draining away properly.