The Best Kids Birthday Party Places Brooklyn

Is the special child in your life about to celebrate a birthday in Brooklyn? Check out these fabulous kids birthday party places Brooklyn style.

  1. Funtasia

Funtasia is one of the highest rated party places for child birthday parties, as it caters to the desires of kids as well as adults. You have the option to choose from three party packages that allow you to enjoy the premises for two hours of private fun – swim party, bounce party, and laser party plus bounce. If you have special dietary needs, kosher catering is also available. And of course, you can select custom add-ons to make your little one’s party simply unforgettable.

  1. Brooklyn Craft Farm

Do you have a child who enjoys arts and crafts? Or are you hoping to add something extra to his or her birthday party by way of activities? If so, Brooklyn Craft Farm is perfect for your next birthday gathering. Here at this venue, your child and their guests will have the ability to stretch their imaginations and dive into creativity. If you rent the venue, you will have it privately for two hours, and one hour will be dedicated to a craft of your choice, selected from Brooklyn Craft Farm’s craft options.

  1. Play Days and Parties

Another option when it comes to the best kids birthday party places Brooklyn, Play Days and Parties offers a few different packages for your child’s next birthday bash that will work with your budget and expectations. The different packages offered to allow you to decide how long you would like the party to last, and give you the ability to add or take away beverage and food options, entertainment, and more.

If your child is about to celebrate a birthday, make the birthday party truly unforgettable for everyone involved by selecting one of these top Brooklyn venues.