What Are The Advantages Of A Vent Free Fireplace?

Look at every drawing of a home by a child and it will almost always show certain standard features. There will be windows and a door, possibly a tree on a flat landscape outside while a yellow sun looks down on the scene. And that house will have a chimney. This is because the idea that a fireplace should have a chimney has become so deeply ingrained in our psyches. For many years a chimney was the only way that carbon monoxide that is produced when burning gas or wood could be vented from the home when the fireplace was in use. Without this feature, the toxic nature of carbon dioxide could have potentially lethal consequences for those in the home.

Vented fireplaces are still extremely popular for a number of reasons. They allow us to enjoy a traditional fireplace experience – and there is something comforting about tradition. However, tradition evolves – as does technology – and today the vent free fireplace is becoming increasingly popular. The vent free fireplace does not produce the large amounts of carbon monoxide that make fireplaces using traditional fuel so dangerous. The use of natural gas or propane ‘logs’ has basically eliminated the need for a vent.

The ventless fireplace provides an extremely hot flame that is in most respects superior to the heat producing properties of the traditional fireplace – and it is considerably safer due to the far lower amounts of toxic chemicals that are released during the combustion process. It is the perfect solution for homes where the comfort and warmth of a fire are desired – but where there is no chimney.

If you want to enjoy a cozy evening in front of a fire then consider the ventless option. It is easy to install and great value for money – and safer for everyone in the home.