Entreprise générale de rénovation – Illuminate the attic

Under the roof, the attics are often dark. By setting up your attic, think about how you will illuminate this new space to live. In your house, you benefit from a large attic, but it is currently suffering from a lack of light. Two complementary solutions from Deco Smart – entreprise générale de rénovation Bordeaux – are available to you:

  1. Bring in natural light through skylights, portholes or bay windows.
  2. Install artificial lighting adapted to the configuration of your attic.

How to bring natural light into your attic?

The installation of one or more roof windows is a classic when installing attics. It is the ideal solution to benefit from the light of the day. This also allows good ventilation of the space under the roof.

For your roofs you can bet on:

  • A standard sized roof window
  • A roof window with width or height
  • One or more portholes,
  • A large bay window opening wide your roof.

Tip: opt for solar control glazing. They make it possible to limit the heat input through the window in the middle of summer, while insulating perfectly the winter.

The slope of your roof will also have an impact on the choice of your exterior openings. The lower the slope, the higher the window needs to be installed. This allows a maximum light input.

When installing windows, think of accessories that will make your daily life easier: blackout blind, roller shutter, telescopic pole, opening limiter, etc.

What artificial light to light your attic?

Chandelier, spotlights, accent lamps … It’s up to you to design the lighting device that corresponds to the use of the room created or rooms to live under the roof. If you are designing a bathroom under the roof, be sure to follow the electrical standards for wet rooms. Electrical safety must be guaranteed in your attic!

The chandelier can only be considered in the highest part of your attic … otherwise you expose yourself to many “collisions” with your lampshade.

The spotlights on rails are often acclaimed because you can install them under slopes without difficulty. You can also opt for individual spots, especially if you already know precisely the location of each piece of furniture to install in the attic. Dare to put spots in the floor, pointing upwards … this gives a feeling of a bigger space.

The extra lamps have the advantage of being easily moved! They can be the basic solution of your attic layout, the time to fully appropriate this new space. It is also a punctual contribution of significant light, giving a singular touch to your attics according to the chosen style.

Tip: When setting up attics, consider installing electrical outlets throughout the room for your future connections.