The Most Sought After Desserts Places In Los Angeles

When traveling to Los Angeles, it’s easy to overlook dessert places because tourists tend to focus more on the attractions, museums, or restaurants. Why should visitors take the time to dine at different dessert places? Like restaurants, desserts places also offer signature dishes that will surely make you come back for more. Moreover, these places are perfect alternatives for coffee shops when you catch up with friends and family. Using your usa visa, here are the best desserts places you can visit while in Los Angeles.

The Pie Hole

Pies from The Pie Hole are a local favorite because of the uniqueness and variety of flavors. The restaurant was founded by the famous pie maker, Becky, who had a history of baking these famous dishes since her childhood. Up to this day, The Pie Hole releases new flavors for both their old and new customers. 


If you’re a fan of donuts and crazy flavors, then you should take the time to visit Birdies. They are famous for inventing the $100 gold-glazed doughnut that took the internet and dessert industry by storm. Aside from that, the place also offers coffee as well as sandwiches. The chef at Birdies takes pride in transforming classic American food staples and reinventing them with a modern twist. 


Milk has a new take on ice cream sandwiches. Instead of using soft cookies or donuts, they use multi-colored macarons! Choose from a variety of flavors like mint chocolate chip, chocolate, or strawberry, and so much more. As if having ice cream-macaron sandwiches aren’t enough, Milk also dips them in cereal milk plus sprinkles crunchy fruity pebbles or other cereals on top. 

Cake Monkey Bakery

Cake Monkey Bakery offers desserts that are like a time machine for customers because they reinvent childhood dishes and make them even better. The bakers offer party-sized cakes or mini ones that are suitable for two that specifically cater to the client’s specifications. A popular dessert among customers is the pop pie, which is a hand-made dish filled with a delicious cherry filling that will surely make you come back for more. Use your usa visa and head onto Los Angeles for your dessert fix.